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Suzuki Nagoya 220 4/4 Full Size Violin Outfit With Case, Rosin & Bow (#220)
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• Thomastik Dominant strings installed
• Genuine ebony pegs
• Ebony fingerboard
• Ebony chin rest
• 4 fine tuners
• brazilwood bow with horsehair
• Free Gifts (Rosin, Hard Case and Bow)

The Nagoya Suzuki violin is the standard by which all other student instruments are judged. Everyone in the business has heard of the Suzuki brand that originates from the Suzuki Violin Co., LTD in Japan. Over 100 years of manufacturing history has proven that!

These instruments are known for their durability, uniformity and consistency. While many instrument dealers were pealing away from the quality Nagoya Suzuki instruments in search of selling inexpensive alternatives, we have always had them in our inventory. They feature genuine ebony pegs, ebony fingerboard, ebony chin rest and 4 fine tuners AND Thomastik Dominant strings installed.

The outfit includes the instrument, a brazilwood bow with horsehair and very nice case. (The Suzuki Style (on string) fine tuners are installed on the 1/16 size violin)



Thomastik Dominant strings installed
Genuine ebony pegs
Ebony fingerboard
Ebony chin rest
4 fine tuners
brazilwood bow with horsehair
• Free Gifts (Hard Case, Rosin and Bow)
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1x Suzuki Nagoya 220 4/4 Full Size Violin Outfit With Case, Rosin & Bow (#220)